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  • Nincs szín - 40 &quot 100&quot 4: 3 vetítővászon függöny az intelligens 1080P digitális filmvetítő TV-hez

    1 246,00 Ft
    Feature:1. Lightweight and portable, foldable, the curtain is with 8 sets of non-adhesive small hooks, easy to install.
    2. 100% polyester, the folding package is small in size without creases, and the effect is very good!
    3. Perforated around, it is easy to up, and it is made of materials in high quality.
    4. Also it is suitable for outdoor camping, open-air movies, and you can shoot back.
    5. Polyester elastic material is with good color reproduction and viewing angle.
    Item Type: Projector curtain
    Color: White black
    Black Border Width: Approx. 3cm / 1.2in
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Inch / CMVisible Size
    CM / INBlack Border
    of Holes
    Hook (8 sets of hooks
    per pack
    approx. 20 g
    / 0.7 oz/pack)Lanyard (2 PCS/ pack,
    each approx. 5m / 16.4ft
    long,approx.60 g / 2.1 oz/pack)
    ratioApprox.40 in / 101.6 cmApprox. 81 x 61cm
    / 31.89 x 24.02inApprox. 3cm
    / 1.2 in411
    Approx. 60 in / 152.4 cmApprox. 122 x 91cm
    / 48.03 x 35.83inApprox. 3cm
    / 1.2 in411
    Approx. 72 in /182.88 cmApprox. 146 x 110cm
    / 57.48 x 43.31inApprox. 3cm
    / 1.2 in411
    Approx. 84 in /213.36 cmApprox. 171 x 128cm
    / 67.3 x 50.4inApprox. 3cm
    / 1.2 in611
    Approx. 100 in / 245 cmApprox. 203 x 152cm
    / 79.9 x 59.8inApprox. 3cm
    / 1.2 in611
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    Package List:
    1 x Screen
    8 x Hook
    8 x Film
    2 x Cord
  • Nincs szín - Besview T2 mobiltelefon teleprompter tabletta teleprompter tükörreflexes fényképezőgép teleprompter

    21 038,00 Ft
    Feature:1. High definition manuscript display, teleprompter can help speaker read manuscript in the face it, avoid forgetting words in long video recording to affect video shooting.
    2. Wireless remote control can control smart phone and tablet below 8 inches through APP, to adjust manuscript font size, color, rolling speed and quick page turning effect, control rhythm and progress of video at any time.
    3. Strong compatibility, equipped with 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm adapter ring can compatible with all kinds of mobile phone and camera video recording.
    4. Supports wide angle lens, large field of view, larger scene, teleprompter supports wide angle lens shooting with no less than 35mm focal length.
    5. Upgraded teleprompter reflect mirror surface, high light transmittance, reduce impact of mirror on shooting picture, single side high reflect mirror surface, teleprompter clear.
    Condition: 100% Brand New
    Item Type: Teleprompter
    Brand: Besview
    Model: T2
    Material: Plastic Optical Glass
    Color: Black
    Support Smart Devices: Smart Phones, Tablet Computer(8 Inch Below)
    Bracket Interface: 1/4 Inch Screw
    Remote Control: Bluetooth Remote Control
    Remote Control BatteryAA*2
    Weight: Approx. 1093g
    Adapter Ring: Approx. 49mm/1.9in, 52mm/2.0in, 58mm/2.3in, 62mm/2.4in, 67mm/2.6in, 72mm/2.8in, 77mm/3.0in

    Package List:
    1 x Teleprompter
    1 x Mobile Phone Clip
    1 x 49mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 52mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 55mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 58mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 62mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 67mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 72mm Adapter Ring
    1 x 77mm Adapter Ring
    1 x Bluetooth Remote Control
    1 x Side Flat Foam Circle
    1 x Middle Flat Foam Circle
    1 x Middle Round Foam Circle
    1 x Cruccross Screwdriver
    1 x Dust Removal Cloth
    1 x Manual